Safety and Acoustic Matters
Safety and Acoustic Matters

Vibration & Noise


The effects on the human body when using tools and equipment with high levels of vibration, for prolonged period of time, are irreversible.  Control measures based on the actual vibration levels of the tools and equipment, either for Whole-body and/or Hand-arm can be implemented to protect the users of such equipment



Occupational Noise

The Law requires Companies to identify and control the levels of noise when they exceed certain levels.  We can carry out noise surveys and suggest control measures which will meet the requirements and protect staff and colleagues



Environmental Noise

Noise -You either love it or hate it, Rock music to Rock breakers. We can advise on the levels of noise at the factory or at your front gate and recommend actions which should be implemented to prevent the likelihood of complaints being made.


 We also carry out acoustic reports for planning applications.



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